Vietnamese in Canada

Yes people, it’s that time again! Yeah you……and you……….but you with the hair……..not you! Sunday my dad drove out to visit us and we usually end up going for lunch. We try to introduce him to new types of food because back in the ghetto you’re choices are limited and sometimes people just need a push to discover something different. So I have yet to try Chopsticks, a Vietnamese restaurant located by the Future Store. The location is great actually. Everything new seems to be headed to that part of town and they are capturing a lot of the shopping traffic in that area. Once inside it was I expected. Simple, clean modern asian style design + flat screen. The staff all looked very professional and sleek in all black. They were also very friendly and casual which was nice for a Sunday lunch.

So the menu has some fantastic options. It was very difficult to choose what to order. In the end I had to try the famous traditional Pho. Which is a Vietnamese style soup. To start though, we ordered salad rolls, spring rolls, coconut shrimp and…………chicken wings??? Nice one dad……get those at the freakin’ pub!!! Anyways…. Appies arrived and they looked phenomenal! Salad rolls were stuffed with shrimp, bean sprouts, rice noodles and all sorts of veg. They were paired with a rather scrumptious peanut sauce for dipping! Jolly good! The spring rolls were a surprise for me! They were not the typical grocery store frozen jalopies that always taste the same! No! These were quite long and had the appearance to be hand rolled with layers of yummy dough! They could have been a little more spicy but with the rice vinegar-ish dipping sauce they too were quite delightful! Now if you haven’t had coconut shrimp before you should probably put down the bowl of KD you’re eating and go find some because they are awesome! Crispy coconut strands pointing in every direction encapsulating a plump seductive shrimp…….mmmmm baby! And with one of my personal favs the spicy thai chili sauce, I could of eaten 37 of those plus tax!!! What??? And the wings as good as they looked I skipped. That’s like ordering a burger from Chinese Buffet (This place may or may not exist). One major note on these starters, 3 out of 4 were fried and there wasn’t a spot of grease anywhere. Fresh, fresh, fresh!

You with the hair, PHO YOU!!! Yeah, it’s that good. I chose the seafood pho and it was wicked!!! I did get the large though and the bowl would work great as a bathing tub for small animals. But incredible depth of flavors. The broth for me is legendary. Hints of lime, lemongrass, annis or fennel, and the seafood just melts right in with those items. The vermicelli noodles are perfect as well, tasty and fun to eat! Scallops, octopus, shrimp and crab made few but impactful appearances throughout the dish. As full as I was I just kept eating it with a huge smile on my face. Feel good soup…….yes it is!

My girl ordered the small of the chicken pho. She was equally impressed with the meal although she might not word it the same……….I know she felt it! Dad ordered a lemongrass chicken stir-fry. Now that would be my next meal of choice. It too came in the same personal watercraft sized vessel. The aromas wafting my way from the lemongrass chicken were mesmerizing. I wanted to eat it alllllll!!! Loads of peppers, onions, chicken, lemongrass, rice (I would order rice noodles).

Guess what? I loved it! Very impressed overall with Chopsticks. Exactly what an excellent lunch should be. And the place was packed when we arrived and when we left. So get in there while you can.