Birthday bonfire and more

As it is for many of you, birthdays = birthday dinner! We wanted to stay close to home because we decided to take the kiddo with us. So we decided yet again to venture into the culinary roller coaster known as at the bondfire or crove. We have had so many ups and downs there in the last year so we were hesitant yet again. But we have always had high expectations from that place and this was no exception again.

Straight and simple this time around for you people. It was a rare occasion but we both decided on fish entree’s. Fish for me at a restaurant has to be phenomenal. No exceptions. And let me tell you what!!! It was great! I ordered the Mahi-mahi dish. Which came with a plethora of vegetables. Really surprised because at too many places you receive three asparagus spears, carrots and potatoes…….lame-o. There was all sorts of crazy on this plate. One of the best parts was this sweet relish style glaze of mixed veg plus additional whole veg, beets, potatoes, garlic. It was deliciously brilliant. And the fish…….WTF FTW BBQ…… moist and succulent inside but a perfect charred crispy finish on the outside. Perfectly cooked mahi-mahi.

Eva was also as impressed with her salmon fillet. Leeks and mushrooms braised in red wine, with crispy beets. The salmon was also cooked very well. Almost a hint of too dry but very close.

Sorry for the short review. We’ve had a lot going on this. I honestly have forgotten some of the experience that night. I do remember everything was outstanding. The menu has changed again since my last review. It was more versatile than the previous heavy offerings of the 37 different types of steak………..and a pizza. The menu sounds fresh, modern and a few unique twists that every place needs to keep ahead of the game. Please go down there and check it out. The patio is great for the summer as well.