More Sushi?

Unless you can drive with your eyes closed you have probably noticed all sorts of new development on the West side. Near the Stop Shop is a new sushi place that came recommended by a co-worker. So Team Sushi headed out for an evening of adventure.

Since the building is new… is the decor. I thought it was great. It looked like a modern sushi lounge and I dig it! We were greeted as we walked in and things were off to a great start. The menu is really awesome! There was variety, some new stuff I’ve never seen at a sushi restaurant and some killer combo’s as well!!! It’s always difficult to pick………you really want them all. And you!!! Yeah you…..the one going “Ewww, raw fish that’s so gross”. Why don’t you go back to scooping your canned tuna onto your Wonder bread and telling yourself how good it is. Anyways….we placed our order and waited impatiently. Our server ended up not being as pleasant as expected. She just seemed uninterested. Friendly but uninterested. Makes a difference to some people I guess.

Well we received the soups first. I’m not a big fan of miso but the other 3 ordered and could not finish it. Apparently it was so salty it was unedible. Why not drop a salt lick on the table??? Ahhhhhh GODZILLA!!!! Just joking……they don’t serve salt licks…. wow…..I’m on a roll tonight. When the goods started rolling out of the kitchen our order was all messed up. A couple of the orders went to the wrong people but after some careful sushi puzzle solving we got it sorted with the kitchen and the feast could begin. I ordered a spicy tuna roll (personal fav) and a new type I’ve never seen a riceless crunchy salmon roll. This thing was freakin’ brilliant!!! Instead of rice and seaweed, the whole deal was wrapped with salmon and the deep fried. It was a piece of sushi greatness. The spicy tuna roll was exceptionally spicy and melt away in your mouth. We also shared a basket of tempura and hold on just a minute. Tempura might just be one of the greatest ways to cook a vegetable……just sayin’! It was well battered, crispy, a little oily but the flavour was unreal. My opinion… tempura I’ve had.

So we were all in agreement that Sushi was definitely excellent. The food was fresh, crisp and cleanly created. The quality of ingredients were superb. We were all impressed by the selection from the menu and the prices were very reasonable. Being a new place it still has a few hiccups to work out and maybe get the right staff in there and this place could be rockin’! I strongly recommend checking this place out. And if you haven’t had sushi or have been wanting to try then this would be a great place to go for it!

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