Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while. It’s in a weird place on Main Road near Pick N’ Pull. It’s a tiny little shack making big ass pulled pork sandwiches! You can get just the meat by the kilo or hit a mean sandwich or get a meal. I also saw some deadly looking ribs basting away! We opted for the sandwich.

Well everything is to go and we took our sandwiches home and I was starving and drooling with the thought of succulent pork melting in my mouth….yummy! Let me tell you crazy people! This sandwich was near perfection. it is served on a poppy seed white bun almost a foot long, a little mustard, some peppers and lettuce and boom! Pulled pork baby. The pork was delicious….just smoked pork perfection. Everything else complimented it well. There are no sides or anything with the sandwich so I could easily eat two of those dirty little buggers! Too me the pork was almost a bit too dry. A homemade bourbon BBQ sauce lightly slathered on the bun would top it off. I would also choose a different bun to serve it on. Perhaps a whole kaiser foot long or something like that. A few simple things to take it to the next level. At home a put a wee bit of mayo on it and I thought that smartened it right up. Also a mean serving of yam fries along with this and I may have to book a room next door.

I say go check it out. It’s almost Diners, drive-ins and dives worthy. Small little shack, one man operation serving some crazy good sandwiches with super-duper love. I will try the meal next time and get a good feeling what the rest of the show is all about. I definitely recommend checking this place out just because it’s soo small and out of the way. I’m giving (does it have I name…..I don’t know) 4.1 slow roasted baby piglets (yeah, keep crying. Oh no the baby piggy he’s soo cute…….yeah well he’s on my sandwich now, bahaahh) out 5. Mmmm oink oink baby!!!

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