Taking the Train to Partytown

Yes people………..I’m still alive. Most of my time has been spent with our new little man but I was able to sneak away for a boys night out last Tuesday. I’ve been eyeing up my Engineer’s outfit to take the train down to the Station Pub. I’ve heard lots about it and have been really wanting to go and check this place out!!!

First of all, I think the location is great! Lots of condo people near by……assuming they all love pub food. Close to the arenas, I’m thinking they will do alright. It’s a cool old brick train station. Simple. There is no way you can screw that up and if you can you probably shouldn’t have left the womb. Anyways…I loved walking into this place. It just had a great historical feel and presence. I love old brick. It’s a great architectural element that is hard to find around these parts. But the brilliance behind this place is the fact that it is ultra contemporary without destroying the character of the building and that is success. It kind of makes you want to exaggerate your stories of gold panning in the Yukon while wearing rubber boots and suspenders…….and then tell the latest tale of how your POS mp3 player just bit the dust!!! True story!!! I’ll tell you about it sometime!

Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes………..Ha! Get it! Meat and potatoes…..’cause it’s a food blog….ha…ha…….nah screw you guys! So not the time and place to order a large plated dinner although they did sounds rather scrumptious. I opted for the TS burger. Sounded like a basic house burger and that IS the pub staple anywhere you go. So with great anticipation we chatted over beers while awaiting our meal. Upon arrival the burger looked quite nice. Portion size was bang on. However, I was annoyed at the fact that you get a great side of fries and one of those little pee cup sized squirts of ketchup! WTF!?!?!? Having fries without ketchup is like shitting in the forest…………you can do it but it’s just not the same. Anyhow….the burger was ok. I was actually a little disappointed. There were some great sounding meals on the menu that I felt were more inspired than the average pub menu but this burger was just boring. I mean it was cooked well, the bun was quite nice but the goods inside were just mediocre. I really wanted to be impressed. The highlight for me were the fries. Those were some damned good fries. Crispy, tasty and not greasy……..but where’s the effin ketchup! I ran out of my second Scrooge portion of ketchup and just finished the rest painfully on their own. The other boys enjoyed their food. It all looked really good and they had no complaints.

I found the service to be average. When I first arrived, the waitress was there immediately to seat us and get us settled. After that the visits became less frequent ( hence my lack of ketchup!) but she was good when present. For a Tuesday, at the height of the evening I would say it was more than half full so there was enough servers around that it could have been a little more personal. They were chatty amongst them selves……perhaps boss was away, just sayin’!

I was left a little underwhelmed by food but it made up for in atmosphere for sure. It’s the kind of place I would visit frequently if the food were two notches up. And it is a little more pricey than the average dark oak, lobby carpet pubs that are around. I’m really left feeling like I have to give this place another chance. I think I’ll try something off of the dinner menu next time to see if the talent is really there or if it’s just wrapped in a pretty package. I would tell you and you to try it……but you over there with the hair and the face…….not so much.

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