Festivus for the Rest of Us

Hello All!!! Along with fine food comes fine beverage and what better place to sample some of the finer things in life than at a freakin’ Scotch and Whiskey festival………with some beer too. I’ve been pumped for weeks about this event and was thrilled to be going with a very good friend of mine that also shares the enthusiasm for such yummy liquid gold! From what I understood of the event was a chance to talk to the individual vendors and learn about their product and what makes their product unique. Being a person that really enjoys a fine whiskey, I actually don’t know a whole lot about the process and varieties available in stores. This was my chance to become educated and buy that perfect bottle to store and enjoy. With GroupOn’s in hand we enter the building with high hopes and a dream…… well not that mushy, jeez! Yes! Step through the door and…..

It was like a sweaty-dude bee hive buzzing with this obnoxious reverberation from being in a giant heat box!!! Bloody hell!! It took a while to get used to the noise, I will admit. Lots of people and booths, lets check this shit out!!! Alright first stop food……..haven’t eaten yet. Ok what do we have……..ghetto pizza and wings or samosas. That’s it. 50256 liters of booze and two shitty food options. WTF!?!?! I opt for the pizza(seemed fitting) and boom 8 bucks for 2 pieces of what tasted like microwave pizza. Brutal. Well lets roll with that and get on to some informative tasting. Oh hell no! It was basically a beer garden well Scotch garden I guess. Fill your dinky little sample glass and get the hell out of the way for the next drunken hobo!!! But we weren’t going to let this spoil our evening so we assessed our samples as needed. I took minor notes on the Scotches we tried which I felt to be noteworthy.

Laphroaig – This Scotch slaps you right up the face with the smokiest burned oak flavor EVER!!! It was crazy. Unexpected and you just stand there stunned. Another sip perhaps…….why yes, thank you. And it just envelopes your senses with warmth. I thought this was the most surprising of the bunch.

Now there were others, some ok but some were blah. Also had some beers, Absinth and the most delicious tasting snacky ever, Espresso Vodka!!! It was like a Iced Cappacino but vodka. I thought it was rad! I will admit at this point I was quite intoxicated. Lack of food and that damn Scotch just sneeks up on you, damn! I am kind of torn about the whole ordeal. I thought the event could have been a little more sophisticated and aimed at being an experience rather than a party. Some more “personal” time with the vendors would have been great. But the quality of product was outstanding. Most vendors were polite and patient and things moved pretty smoothly. And hey by the end of the night I got 2, yeah count it, 2 pieces of pizza………..for 3 tokens HIGH FIVE! I would like to give the Festival an average of 4 well spent drink tokens out of 5. Now lets dial it in a little for next year!