Date Night before Pregnancy

Well my girl is nearly 38 weeks pregnant and she suggested the fantastic idea of a last date night for the two of us before the little guy arrives. Also turns out spicy food can induce labor. Win – win if you ask me! And for us one of our favorite spicy foods Indian cuisine. Now, those of you that refuse to try something different should be extradited for crimes against your taste buds! Really, there is something traditionally wonderful about ethnic foods. Recipes that sometimes go back thousands of years. Why would anybody not want to experience that. Oh wait……I know, because you’re too busy complaining to Grandma that your cream corn has run into your boxed mash potatoes from 1952.

We chose to dine at Fine Indian Cuisin downtown on Briers st. Yes, we have been there many times before because it is addictingly awesome. Although we have not been for many moons, we were pleasantly surprised to see the restaurant has undergone renovations. The previous decor was pretty tacky I must say. Lobby carpet, greenish wall paper and what would an Indian restaurant be without a gold elephant somewhere……..yeah they had them. What they have done now is created a modern lounge meets upscale Indian dining. It really made for a relaxed romantic atmosphere. We really enjoyed the improvements. The quality of service has improved also. I would call it more “professional”. Just streamlined and sleek all the way around. But none of that rubbish matters unless the food is of that caliber.

The food is amazing. It really is delicious. There are a lot of options for dishes though and it can be overwhelming to decide what to have. My recommendation is a dish from each category. You will receive a nice variety and learn what your favorites will be. I don’t care what the hell you order as long as you get 53 orders of Naan to go with your meal. This is what I was talking about earlier. Naan was like the 3rd event in the chain of evolution……it’s been around that long. And if you don’t know what it is, it’s a flat doughy piece of love that is slapped onto the inside of the large clay ovens used in traditional Indian cooking. It grows these marvelous charred little bubbles of crispiness. Just eat it, damn it! The dishes we ordered were the butter chicken, chana masala and seafood curry. The butter chicken is a must have anywhere you go. I do think it is world famous. The chana masala is a spicy mix of chick peas and sauce. Soo good, soo spicy. The seafood curry was alright, lacked some punch in the flavor department though. And it’s cool though because each dish is individually warmed over a candle and you just take what you want. So the more people you have, the larger variety of dishes you’ll have. My only complaint would be the dishes are mostly sauce. I definitely would like to see more proteins in the dishes. The veggie dishes are great though.

I love this place. I get excited about it and I’m hungry now thinking about it. Mostly it’s my secret love affair with Naan bread. Mmmmm baby, oh yeah!!! It’s a great place for a nice evening with your partner or a crazy dinner night with a group of friends. It’s always busy though so plan ahead. Go there, eat lots, spill sauce on yourself and have a great meal.

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