Fail Restaurant Review

Well there is a new Mediterranean Grill on the west side of town. We learned this through a special offered on Twongo. Pay 12 bucks for a $25 voucher. We like new stuff and are always willing to give them a try. So Friday afternoon……LUNCH DATE with the worlds greatest wife, awwwww. (Insert sappy tears here).

I think the location is great actually. It’s on the side road in a neighborhood shopping complex. Potential to be a tiny neighborhood favorite for some good food! Love the concept. Wish there were more of them. Anyways….
We get there to find it tucked neatly away in the corner with a quaint little menu board out front. Specials sounded good. Interior was pretty basic, tables, bar, lousy decor and lighting but that is what can make these kind of places the best out there! We opted for the patio to enjoy the giant golden yellow wage vacuum known as the sun.

When we received our menus, the waitress was very friendly and outgoing. We were excited! But the menu is what was described as having an “Identity Crisis”. It’s supposed to be Mediterranean fare with a Lebanese twist. Well there were a few of those dishes as well as burgers, fish and chips, shepherds pie??? WTF? I mean… a pub or a Mediterranean grill not both. Doesn’t work. We wanted the Lebanese flare so I ordered the souvlaki platter and she ordered the falafel.

Food arrived in an expedient manner and looked amazing. I had a beautiful lamb skewer. Perfectly succulent and tender. The greek salad was excellent. Fresh ingredients, not over dressed. I loved it. It was served with half a pita and tzatziki. I would like a whole pita but those are two of my favorite things and I can easily diminish the African food crisis with the amount I can eat in one sitting (sensitive subject??? Too effin’ bad. Go find Waldo if you don’t like it). But for me the gem of this mountain of goodness. That damn Greek style rice. It’s so flavorful and how do they make it so fluffy……it’s like perfectly seasoned nibblets of cloud floating on your plate. The one blah for me was the tzatziki. It tasted premade. I would prefer a homemade chunky style over garlic-ed tub of awesome.

Her falafel looked so darn good! It was served wrap style. She asked for fries but was served salad but she was extremely happy with the mis-order. Fries would not go with such a quality item. The meat was delicious. All the best of greek seasonings, with garden fresh veg stuffed in a wrap. It was a great representation of authentic greek cuisine.

But then it all hit the fan when we wanted the bill. We handed over our Twongo voucher and the waitress was excited to see that we found them online and came to check them out. Upon return she said that the vouchers are usually only for dinner but they would honor for us. So we went inside to pay our balance and found the “owners” and waitress in a heated argument about Twongo. Then the guy continues to inform us that the vouchers are to be used one per person. And then he says it again. But they let it go this time. We were sure when we bought it online it had no mention of any of these stipulations. So we got home and checked our account and yeah……there was nothing about times of day, number of people, or the declining number of penguins in the Antarctic. So we were a little bit pissed off about that and it’s too bloody bad because the food we had was freakin’ great!!! They are going to have fun when the next couple hundred people try using their coupons, hehehe!!! I hope they stick around though, I love the neighborhood feel they have going and the food is awesome. Unfortunately I can only score them 3.9 miscommunication Twongo deals out of 5 for making us feel a little uncomfortable. Still check them out though people!