Salads and Car Shows

This past Wednesday I met up with a good friend of mine for some food and car show action! For those of you who are not familiar with whats going on, during the summer months there is a free to attend car show at the parking lot near the Grand cinemas. If you like cool old cars and cooler new vehicles check it out. A good way to spend an evening.

But hot damn! We were hungry and decided to eat first before doing the tour and critiquing some vintage automobiles. And lucky for us the brew pub is adjacent to the previously mentioned car show. So yes I have done before but thought I would mention it again because last time I was not that impressed. We were on the topic of healthy eating so we opted to try some salads. Usually our Wednesday gathering consist of a rather macabre devouring of chicken wings. I ordered the Thai Chicken Salad and Brett ordered Seafood Caesar.

Well lets start with the Thai Chicken. It arrived and looked like an impressive piece of salad. All the ingredients were organized neatly atop of a bed of mixed greens. The outside of the bowl was decorated with a Thai teriyaki sauce and mandarin wedges. There was a very generous amount of the crunchy Thai noodles accompanied by a variety of fresh vegetables. Everything was crisp and fresh. The chicken on the skewer was also very nice. It was cooked well. Still juicy with a nice char on the outside. I would have liked to see one more piece of chicken on the skewer though. But once you mixed everything together it was a perfect symphony of flavors. The crispy noodles worked well with the crispy lettuce, the Thai sauce brought everything together in an Asian monsoon of goodness. The mandarin oranges added a nice sweetness to the dish. I will say it was one of the best Thai chicken salads I have had. Very Impressed.

The Seafood Caesar was order “light” on the sauce. Upon arrival all looked very nice. Again portion was excellent, plenty of shrimp, crab pieces and whatever else was in the seafood mix. But holy balls!!! It was still swimming in dressing though. My buddy picked up a piece of romaine and was swinging it around and sauce was flying everywhere! Unfortunately that led to some soggy lettuce at the bottom. He did enjoy it, said it was very good but was a bit displeased at the amount of dressing.

But I have to mention their special seasonal beer. I believe it was called Sunset Ale or Lager. But goddamn! It was soo good on a hot evening! A bit cloudy in appearance, with a sweet aroma topped off with a wedge of orange. The citrus that comes out with every sip was mesmerizing. It just put a smile on your face to know you were drinking a hand crafted pint of near perfection. I could sit on the patio there and get slizzard off a couple of pitchers!

Overall the whole evening was excellent. Good friend, great food and drinks and cool cars. Especially expecting to down 40 – 50 antibiotic filled hormone wings, the salads were a great surprise. So well done on making me impressed. Check it out people, it’s good times. I’m going to give them 4.4 six-deuce Impala’s, supercharged with hide-a-way license plates out of 5!!!

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