Sunsets and Food

Alrighty people!!! It was only a matter of time before I made it out to sample a reality tv show winning chefs restaurant or as we like to call him………….Tim. Big intro, I know! Being a true professional I did NOT consult with Tim before writing this post so hopefully the family does not disown me, him being my brother-in-law and all that fun stuff. But I only have nice things to say about everything…….so it’s all good………or is it!?!?! OooOOooOoo!

Now that you are nervously waiting on the edge of your seat, I will begin my review with the location of this place is super rad. The patio is out over the water, the marina is right there so there is lots of boating activity going on for a pleasurable afternoon of sights and sounds. When we were there the weather was not too hot and it was perfect for sitting outside. Since it was a large family outing it was really easy to pick up on different feelings about the place. While I was admiring a little ducky in the water (ADHD……it’s a disability don’t judge me…where am I???…..kidding!) , the rest of the crew was commenting on the bug situation. I know it’s an outside patio, bugs are as common as foreclosures in the US but there were many random bug carcasses laying about. Once all this was tidied up, drink orders were taken and we were given menus.

The beer of choice for us was a pitcher of Honey Lager. And holy honey hot damn goodness!!!! It was crisp, smooth and a little sweet on the finish for a perfect patio beer. Could be one of my new favs!!! Watch out Brewery! Plus they plant a tree for every case or keg or sip, I forget. But I’m all for rockin’ some new trees!

Everyone made there mind up quickly but I was debating on a steak sandwich or pulled pork quesadillas. I opted for the steak sandwich……and of course me + beef = blue rare! Beers were going down rather quickly… was great. Food arrives and yummy whoa! At first glance the yam fries looked like crispy starch art and the steak cooked perfectly. Sometimes I ask for blue and I get rare……..but this…..I had to dodge to the left quickly because it mooed and tried to kick me before settling down on the plate!!! Damn! It just melted away in your mouth. Bread was lightly toasted. Perfect caramelized onions. All the flavors worked so well together. That was a delicious sandwich! Personally I would have liked to have had a bit more of the sauce on the bun but I’m crazy that way.

My partner ordered fish and chips. Again the fries were soo good. The fish was cooked perfectly. Crispy batter, fish was very moist on the inside. Nice thick pieces of fish. My fav part is the cool paper that the meal is served in. A gentle nod to the traditional style…..very nice. There was a little bit of excess oil coming from the fish and the pieces could have been a bit bigger. But for a lunch portion she said it was perfect size.

The rest of the crew was into salads and some chicken dishes. Everything else looked just as great and was praised for quality and freshness of ingredients. The salads were quite large and were offered in a variety of styles including a Caesar salad which I was repeatedly told is fantastic. To me the chicken looked very moist and browned nicely on the outside. Our server was attentive but a bit nervous I think knowing the chefs family was rockin’ the patio! I did not see the inside of the place but it was too nice to be in there anyways!

What I think is great about it is it’s a perfect combination of food and location. Just a lazy patio with good quality food that’s perfect for a hot day on the water. It’s the kind of food and atmosphere you want to make for an excellent backyard party……just come and hang out and enjoy. Easy going on not over pretentious. I like it. I’m giving the Grill 4.5 blue steaks and “green” beers out of 5!!!

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