Making Mango

Saturday morning we went for a bike ride along the Mission. We were both in the mood for strolling downtown where we decided to take in a nice light lunch at Mango Cafe.

Now if you haven’t been here before you gotta try this place! It’s always busy mostly because of awesome food at a very cheap price and great location. They specialize in Thai/Malaysian style cuisine. The inside is basic cafe set up….cooler, order counter, kitchen and tables. What else do you need when you’re rockin’ out some wicked food!

They actually have a good sized menu with many dishes offering different types of protein. There are also vegetarian dishes as well. I like to rock the special for lunch because…..well…..I just do! Don’t judge me!!! I ordered the chicken curry with roti. Now you’re probably wondering what in the sauce is roti. Well let me fill you in:

Roti is generally a South Asian bread made from stoneground
wholemeal flour, traditionally known as atta flour, that originated and is consumed in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka (Wikipedia)

Roti is this wicked awesome bread, that is less dense than naan but is almost more oily, kind of like a cross between naan and puff pastry. But it melts in your mouth and just adds the perfect texture to the spicy curry. (My definition)
It was fantastic! The curry was seasoned authentically, very spicy with crisp veggies and nice chicken chunks. But the star really was the two pieces of roti. So damn good! I love ethnic breads. Just one of my favorite things ever. It’s a staple for any culture and they traditionally date back thousands of years and have stayed the same. I couldn’t get enough. I asked the woman, who looked like the mother or owner of the store and she told me it was done traditionally in Malaysia. So….I approve!!!

She ordered the chicken vermicelli. And it was as expected. Spicy, fresh flavors with a great sauce and well cooked chicken. It really tastes and feels like handmade traditional food. And that’s all we ask for, right people!?!?

Besides the food, I think the price is what keeps this place packed. My meal was $7, Eva’s was $5.50 add a mango smoothie for $3 and a bottle of water….price forgotten with tip we were out the door extremely satisfied for $18. You can’t beat that for a quality lunch that will always be delicious and good for you. I’ve spent a lot of time lately eating at these bigger chain style restaurants but this kind of place is what inspires foodies and chefs alike. Get out there and try this place. You will love the experience and leave with a smile on your face. If not…..I’ll march down there and slap one on you….wham! I’m kidding…..I would never hurt you……you read my website, yeah….nice people…..niiice. Want a cookie?

Anyways….(what the hell just happened up there?) Moving on. Mango is the kind of place that makes you appreciate passion for food. I love going there, I love talking about it. Just go there and enjoy life. I’m giving Mango 4.5 wok fried golden buddhas out of 5.

Thanks again!

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