Burger Town

Well due to a long day of crafting and painting we hit the town to check out a few items related to building a nursery a lot better than yours. Impressed with what we saw, it was late and we probably wouldn’t have been motivated enough to make dinner. Closest thing around that sounded appetizing….the Club Cafe.

If you have never been before it’s another fine choice in the chain restaurant world of casual fine dining. They generally are very loungy, trendy locations for the younger crowd focusing on good food and good drinks. I like the interior during the winter months because it’s dark and loungy-ish…..is that a word? Yeah, it’s hip and cozy…..I like it! I found the staff to be extra friendly. The hostess was pleasant and asked us about our day/evening as we were being seated and when our waitress arrived she was also eager to share the same kind of courtesy. A great start to the dinner.

Again, I was craving a gnarly burger. I like to judge the quality of these chain-type restaurants by their burgers. If you can’t make a good, solid quality burger than you should shut the doors. That is a staple for these places…..take the burger and make it something awesome. Super crisp bacon, ripe avacodoes, spicy sauce…….just make it awesome and do it well. So how could I go wrong by ordering “The Burger”. I love yam fries so give me some of that wickedness too. And wow…..what a great looking burger. It arrived sizzling hot, juices still dripping from the patty and the fries looked crisp and grease-free! Mouth = watering! Oh yeah! So bacon was perfectly done, cheddar was at optimum melted consistency and the mushrooms were sauteed yumminess. I’m usually a BBQ sauce addict but the red pepper relish was a fresh, delicious condiment that complemented the other ingredients very well. The yam fries were excellent as well, and they were served with a delicious aioli.

My partner ordered the BBQ duck clubhouse. Turns out the new trend in clubhouse sandwiches is to negate the middle piece of the triple bread stacker. Which is good because some people just don’t want that much carbs……right people!?!?! So, duck, chicken and prosciutto. Yeah, pretty gnarly sounding clubhouse……….and it was. That combo made for one of the best versions of the clubhouse I’ve had. Her only complaint was for her it was too “meaty”. It could have used a cool, fresh veg or avocado to balance all that protein but the flavor profile was bang on. She paired that up with regular fries which were just as good as the yam fries………I stole many, but is it stealing if she is looking at you and shaking her head in disapproval? I say so………so steal on boys, steal on.

I had a great time. One problem with these kind of places is you get some Rico’s (see appendix A) coming through. For some people that can be very entertaining though. Great place to hang out, definitely a good place to do a group function. I would recommend this place for sure. If you want great food that’s reliable at any location, check this place out.

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