Getting Down by the Water

A new fresh fish market which opened within the last week or so. Upon driving by recently we noticed a lunch board saying they had fish and chips. So Dad came to visit today………lets go eat some freakin’ fish!

Unfortunately Dad does not know limits on quantity when it comes to ordering food. Doesn’t matter where we go…….3-4 appies, 17 main courses……..2 desserts. It’s crazy……and I always eat too much. And why would today be any different? So we check out the new fish place!

Inside is your standard fish market. Fresh fish & seafood section which wasn’t large or outstanding but I think they are just getting a feel for the market here. What they did have looked very nice and fresh. There was one piece of Coho salmon fillet that looked rather remarkable actually…….yes indeed! There is also some freezers with some frozen product as well. They have a couple of small tables and some window seating for those who wish to dine in. They have a decent menu of some common fish food favorites (nice alliteration!). For the fish and chips they have choice of halibut or cod……we don’t mess around here, we were hittin’ the halibut! Dad was set on 9 pieces of fish, 2 large fries and a large coleslaw. Keep in mind this is for 3 people. We were able to at least talk him down to 8 pieces. We asked the girl at the counter how big the pieces were……”hefty” she says. Then she asked if that is just for the 3 of us. When we said yes, she burst out laughing. Not a good sign. Apparently if we went through with our order, Halibut would be put on the endangered species list. So………we ordered it. We left to grab some beer for the afternoon and when we returned, my partner had changed the order. She ended up saving us $27 by ordering 4 2 piece meal combos rather than ordering 8 individual pieces. Plus, with the meals you get one really big piece and one smaller piece of fish so we were saving on possible internal organ damage as well. Nice one!!! She’s a CA, she worked the numbers…….it’s all good. I think they were not prepared for such a busy Sunday lunch. We waited nearly 40 minutes for our order. But hot damn!!! It was worth it!

We took the order home so we could enjoy the weather and some Belgian Amber ale (BEST BEER….EVAR!) Not my partner, she’s pregnant…..don’t worry! When we opened our paper wrapped packets of fishy love…..we almost fell over. The fish was huge……it might have even been a whole halibut in there. I’m not joking, it almost takes two hands to lift it! But once you dip a piece into the tartar sauce (homemade possibly?) which may have been one of the best I’ve had, it is unreal. The fish is so dense and moist and flavorful!! You don’t even taste any oil! Nice crunchy batter, seasoned very well. We all could not stop commenting on the quality of the fish, the size of the fish, the lack of grease or oil…… was just damn good fish and chips. The chips were nicely done. Nothing crazy but just well done fries.

The scariest thing is we ate everything but one order of fries. We just ate 8 monster pieces of halibut for the sake of eating………..not normal but it had to be done. Great staff, amazing food and I can’t wait to purchase some product and cook up some great fish. I will definitely go there again and I definitely recommend it if you’re craving fish and chips. The best fish and chips we’ve ever had was in a pub on main street………..and these are pretty darn close. Please check them out. And for absolutely making a great Sunday lunch I’m giving this place 4.8 catfish whiskers out of 5.

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