Random Hall Lunch

Saturday was an extremely busy day of shopping and cruising around town. Found some very cool roads around the Canyon area……..scenic route tourist in own city = awesome! Anyways, we finished up around lunch time and decided we were not motivated enough to make lunch. Plus I was craving an excellent burger.

Big Hall was our choice due to some GC’s we had with us. When we arrived the place was near capacity and extremely rowdy for a Saturday lunch. It’s typical pub attire. Sports/Celeb memorabilia on the walls, tv’s……you know what I’m talking about. Our server was not that friendly……….she actually seemed quite annoyed. Probably the drunken hooligan table next to us. But I still had high hopes.

They offer a brunch menu which sounded and looked quite delicious. The lunch menu was not overwhelmingly large but also quite ordinary. I opted for the Burger which is the basic burger plus bacon, cheddar and onions. Paired up with half fries, half ceasar………I was starving. My friend ordered Turkey club sandwich with half fries, half garden salad. When the food arrived we were both visually impressed. Great portion sizes, mouth watering appeal and just looked damn good. My burger was excellent. The patty was juicy and flavorful. But the best thing about it was the excessive char on the patty. Almost over charred on the outside but that just added some extra flavor to the whole package……….on this burger it was a surprising touch. Bacon was very nice along with the rest of the toppings. My only complaint was I could have used a hint more sauce or mayo or something. But like I’ve said before……….I’m a saucy kind of fellow! Booya! Fries excellent, caesar was also excellent. No complaints on the sides what-so-ever. Her sandwhich was also great. Loads of turkey, ham and bacon. I think there was avocado too……….yummy! Fries, well if you were paying attention you would know how I feel about those already but it was her garden salad that decided to take dive into next week. It was the basic spring lettuce mix but tasted like it was dry and flat……..not wilted but just old. And the dressing a red pepper vinaigrette was blah.

But the way I look pub food is the main element on the dish better freakin’ rock, the sides I can let slide a little. If everything is stellar than bravo, but I expect it all to be rad so just do it, you chefs you!!!! I have been to Big Hall quite a few times and have always been satisfied. It’s a great place to hang out, watch some sports and eat some great food. I recommend this place to you and maybe you……..but the guy there with the goofy haircut…..not you. So I’m giving Big Hall 4.1 cans of imported beer battered deep fried pub caviar balls out of 5. Hey, maybe I’ll see you there……….BAH! You wish…..

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