Winning Street food Game

Wow, do I have a tasty little gem for you people today! Saturday was a big day of cruisin’ and shoppin’ in town! Looking more so than buying resulted in a quite a spirited appetite for us both. My partner has heard from a couple of people about a little place called the Street Food. And I tell you what! This place is awesome!!! Go check it out…’ll be wanting to go back the minute you leave. I did not know what to expect as I was told it is like a diner type restaurant. Hopes were not high but I was just so happy to experience such wonderful food of joy!

I’m going to say it really looks like a diner though. It’s in the middle of the industrial area, right beside the organic market Urban (which also gets a double FTW). Inside is small but the smells of the fresh, intricate fare is breathtaking and enticing. They have freezers offering home made soups, sauces and oh yeah…..effin duck confit!!! MmmmMmm!!! You are then greeted, which I might say, is the friendliest kitchen/service staff I have seen in a long time. It was just a jolly happy place……what else can I say!?!?!

The menu is small-ish, which I prefer anyways. Energy is spent creating a few excellent dishes rather than an encyclopedia of rubbish and deep fried non-sense. I opted for the pulled-pork sandwich as I was disappointed by the last one I tried and wanted to see id they can deliver on a Southern classic. My partner chose the daily special which included a soup and sandwich. My pulled pork bun of greatness was truly superb. The pork was moist and succulent, it was sauced to perfection…..crispy fresh bun. And the fries…….oh balls………the fries. Beyond home made crispiness… was crazy. And the gnarliest thing was the sauces. A truffle mayo and a blackberry ketchup. The mayo was earthy and rich while the ketchup was sweet and slightly tart. Best fry experience ever……..EVVAAAR!!! Her meal was just as spectacular. I believe it was a Parmesan chicken on 9 grain bread and it was…….really! Tons of chicken, perfectly seasoned and cooked, bread was grainy and fresh. All the goodies in the sandwich were crisp and garden fresh as well.

From what I’ve had around……… lunch in town so far. The price is excellent as well, very reasonable for the quality of food. We sat outside in the sub, we were approached 3 times to ensure everything was great……..of course it was. I could have stayed all day and been content. Please check this place out and give it your support.

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