Super German Food

Hello people! Sorry for the wait but it has been a busy week getting back to routine after our trip to Germany. I’m going to highlight some of the specialty or traditional food found in the area we stayed. This area is about an hour out of Stuttgart in the rural country areas surrounded by farming and forests. This was my 3rd time to Germany and I was really focused on experiencing and trying different food, food I haven’t tried before or just weird stuff! The restaurants there seem to serve……..well the same food you make at home but just as good if not better. So we always stay at my parterners grandparents’ house. They have lot’s of space and they are an epic cook with some world famous specialty dishes

So ja, nows I vants tos eats das schnitzels!!! Wicked…. O.k. first thing you will notice here…… are vegetables. I’m not joking. I went the first 4 freakin’ days without a veg. Seriously. I was having lettuce withdrawals. We ended up going to the grocery store and buying enough veggies for a large salad for everyone to share. But, get this, the Grandparents were so disturbed that we would eat all these raw vegetables. I mean you wake up….bread, buns. salami, sausage. Lunch time = usually some pork product, potatoes and bread. Dinner = = bread, meats, cheese. We’re going to get a bit personal here and I’m going to tell you……….it felt like a brick in my bowels for like a week. I finally scored some muesli and strawberries and well……..things started flowing again. Too much info??? Too bad…..stop crying. People talk about poopy diapers all the time, get over it. If you are a meat and potatoes person, take a trip to Deutschland. Another classic is “Maultaschen” which are like big ravioli stuffed with meat, spinach and onions mostly served in a broth but can also be served fried up. And they are one of my favs fo-sho!!!

Now there are some pretty wicked eats though, I’m not gonna lie! One thing you have to check are the specialty restaurants called “Besen” or Broom restaurants. These are family owned and operated places that butcher their own meat, grow the food and make their own wine. Almost everything is house made. They are only open for limited times and the schedules and which one are open are posted in the local newspapers. And it’s all traditional home-style cooking. The best right? The kind of places you go and say “That’s the way Grandma or mom used to make it.” One of my all time favorite meat products = schweinehaxen or pork hock. And holy pork balls, they make them the best!!! The crispiest pork skin you’ll ever have!!! I mean a pulled the entire skin off around the bone and joked about calling it a “German doughnut”. Awesome!

Another popular dish that we had numerous times was “Zwiebelrostbraten” or Onion beef steak. They are usually grilled or braised kind of steak cuts, topped with caramelized onions and gravy. Served with spatzle and/or fried potatoes. We had some good one but ZOMG!!! This one place we went to was one of the best dishes I had all trip. The meat was perfect and falling apart, unbelievably caramel-y onions and the gravy……..oh man the gravy. I’m not usually a meat and gravy fan but that was one of the best.

Beer. That’s all I gotta say. Beer. I think my liver cried itself to sleep 10 of the 15 days we were there. A lighter, crisper beer is quite common. Like a pilsner kind of. I did find one really nice dark beer……Ha Dunkels bier!!! Funny! Most were good but lacked the wow factor I prefer in microbrewery beers. Also had some very nice wine. A common wine in this region, the Trollinger, was not my favorite at all. I actually started avoiding about half way through the trip. It starts off kind of weak… a newborn kitten squeaking out his first meow……and then disappears. No finish at all. No flavor………nothing. Did not like. We did a couple of wine tastings and what a difference that is compared to sissy North America. You want to try this 2007 Schwarzriesling………here’s the bottle drink it all. It’s awesome. But deadly……..ugh. The first bottles we tried were mostly wines that were quite sweet. Kind of between a rose and late harvest for sweetness. I found them too sweet for pairing with a nice meal. So I saw that they were offering some Pinot Noirs. And those were excellent. Very familiar to what you would find here. Depth of flavor and linger on the palette with some plum or cherry undertones. Ja, very nice!

I can’t leave without commenting on some of the family dishes. So we’ll do mini awards night…….no long speeches please because I will play the music and boot you off stage!!! JA!!!!
Best Meat Dish – Oma Chicken!!!
Best Vegetable Dish – HA!!! Fooled you!
Best Fish Dish – Gisela Fish salad
Best Dessert – Claudia Strawberry cake

I’ve probably forgotten some stuff but these were the highlights for me. They actually do a very good job and recreating traditional German dishes. We had a great time on our trip. Ate way too much food………I gained 6lbs in 2 weeks. P90X here I come! So I give German food 4.5 highly-efficient over-engineered schweinehaxen out 5. SPARGEL!!!

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