Airport food…

Well the airport provided dinner for our last meal in Canada before our trip. It was around 8pm so lets check it out.

Well basically it was an average place in an airport. We opted to sit on the patio(chairs and tables in the hallway) instead of eating inside because the weather in the hallway was so nice. Our group was rather disturbed by two people making out and then taking pictures of hickey’s they were leaving on each other……..weird. Staff was not over friendly but still attentive.

I ordered a Cheddar Bacon sirloin burger. It was just ok. I mean, plain white bun, plain old patty with same old toppings. The bacon was good and the burger was moist. I ordered fries and they were just good ol’ fries. Everything did taste clean and fresh and was all presented nicely. So I was left satisfied with burger action.

My partner had a clubhouse sandwich. can’t go wrong, right?? Well she mad a special request to not have the middle piece of bread which apparently translated into only giving her half an effin sandwhich! Who the hell serves half a sandwich!?!? It definitely was not large enough to equal a full sandwich, nor epic enough to make you forget about the missing half of your meal. She did seem to enjoy the half that made the trip to her plate. Two more meal sized salads were ordered at our table. Portion size was nice, everything looked fresh and perky but wait……….hot shit! They only dressed one of the salads. I’m not sure if this was basic skills lost in redneck translation or a simple error. Either way, we had to order some dressing on the side and it was really unnecessary. But being that late and everyone was getting tired and hungry it was not that bad.

So I’m not sure if this airport place is any different than a regular one but it was decent. There was flavor and care put into everything so that was a good sign. Service was lacking a bit but may have been expected. I think in a pinch I would go back and try another item. But there are other chain restaurants far superior in my mind. So I give you 3.8 delayed flights because of angry llamas on the runway out of 5. Thank you and have good flight!!!

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