Sunday Funday

My partner and I were bored and wanted to get out of the house on Sunday. So we toured into town to look at some decorating ideas for the house (probably not real Spanish). We also contemplated attending the Taste of Kenosha event until my partner mentioned the word Sushi…..again!!! Can’t say no to that so off we go in search of Sushi. Oh Sushi closed……..WTF!?!?! Last time I checked there was no such thing as “No Sushi Sunday” so we effed that idea and headed to a bread place.

Now we have also been to this place 349 1/32 times. I would say one of the best sandwich places in town. My partner regular is the Italian Connection. Cream cheese, prosciutto, avocado, and some other stuff I think. I like to switch it up and this time I had the Smoked Meat sandwich. Now this place does make some gnarly bread. Fresh fluffy insides, crisp perfectly baked crusts……..what bread should really be. Not like that Wonder crap. Does anybody still eat that nonsense??? Know why it’s called Wonder bread……..because everybody Wonders what is in it!?!?!? How the hell can you squeeze an entire loaf into a golf ball sized pile of chemical rubbish??? Anyhow……..enough Wonder rage. My sandwich came on a chili sourdough rye I believe with 2 layers of salty, meaty goodness. The bread was super fresh, the meat was excellent, shaved and piled nicely between 3 layers of bread. I personally would have liked a bit more mustard but other than that really good. Not as good as the one I had in Montreal though………go figure. Sandwiches are served with a mini side. Happened to be coleslaw and it was really good coleslaw. I opted for the bonus soup as well which was a roasted garlic soup. Hot damn!!! This was excellent, I could have eaten an entire VW Beetle sized bowl of this stuff. It was very much like a chowder broth infused with the a puree and whole pieces of the roasted garlic. Excellent!!! I’m forgetting what my partner had and she’s on her way home from work so………….(play Jeopardy theme here) 20 minutes later she’s here and……it was the Italian she had. So cream cheese, prosciutto, avocado, cucumber, tomato on whole wheat. Self explanatory as a kick ass sandwich. I Choose you!!!

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