Post Holiday Lunch

Well on Saturday the Father decided to come down and take us out for my friends birthday. We decided on a Bohemian place because my friend was going to work afterwards. Well what a horrible event this turned out to be.

First of all…… the Bohemian place. My first time there and first impression = do like! It is larger than I thought, very eclectic and casual. It was super packed for Sunday breakfast day. The staff seemed delightfully cheerful while maintaining quality of service. We started with 1 litre of fresh orange juice. It was good. I usually hate that orange pulp crap floating in my effin juice but damn……that juice was gooooood! We then ordered probably enough food for 13 people so here we go! I ordered a combo with eggs, hash browns, back bacon and bagel. Frick yeah! I love grated potato hash browns. Eggs were great (free range… chicken, run!) bacon was excellent! My friend had pretty much the same. Dad had huevos rancheros and it was a monster portion. Looked great, didn’t try it. Would order next time though. Also ordered extra bacon that was super crispy, not greasy……top notch bacon! Blueberry oat pancakes……..delicious little pieces of pancake love, blueberries were also very good. French toast……..who the hell doesn’t like French Toast!?!? It was thick, cooked perfect with crispy outside and fluffy inside. Overall I was very impressed with the breakfast. I am very intrigued to see what an actual lunch would be like.

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