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Last weekend was an epic adventure. We made the journey to the coast where I was about to attend my first NHL game. Of course it was raining like a bastard so Friday afternoon was an Ikea visit after some horrible traffic.

We then checked in at the our hotel. Awesome place to stay, close to the Arena, close to friends, friendly staff, well decorated and modern, cheap parking. Would recommend fo-sho!!! 5 stars 0f stars for soggy blanky. Next up…….dinner! And sweet son of a hamster did we find a winner of a pizza place. This place was packed and we were lucky to get a table. The place has 2 levels, the bottom floor focal point being a huge wood fire oven for pizza greatness. Staff was friendly and attentive. We started with a focaccia with bruschetta topping………bloody hell it was like a personal size pizza. So we kept half of that to the side awaiting the large pizza we ordered………with a funny look from the waitress. And hot damn…..they almost need a fork lift to wheel that sucker out. We had a prosciutto and arugula pizza. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Easily the best pizza I have ever had. Crust was done perfectly, crispy with a slight char…mmmm! The toppings were fresh and delicious. You could tell that these ingredients were top quality – so much flavour yet so simple. And the sauce……..may have contained trace amounts of heroin because I’m still getting the shivers from it! Whoa! Yeah, it was that good.

Next morning we scouted some Chinese bakeries online and walked to China town for some breakfast. We found some quality baked goods at some random places. Lunch was at Sala Thai. Large restaurant, nice interior with a large menu. We shared a soup and each ordered a lunch main. Overall…….blah. Nothing special, nothing exciting. And it was pricey for lunch. It was like microwave dinner thai…..well a little better. Would highly recommend finding a small little thai shack that’s half the price and twice the flavor. 5 stars for rock star pizza, 0 stars for bland Thai……….sounds like their specialty dish, oh snap! WHOA!

Game time baby! So pumped, 30 second walk to the arena. My friend had a minor panic attack about the amount of people but we made it. We had seats right near the top in the upper bowl. Great view of the entire rink. We had some funny guys around us though. Some loser Flamer fans. They kept heckling each other but it was all in good fun. Glad we won, first period was sloppy but it tightened up after that. One of the funniest moments was when a fight broke out in the section beside us and all the crazy guys around us started chanting ” TASER, TASER, TASER”!!! It was hilarious……..when they stopped they say to the guys……”You can only chant that here!”………and “Is it too soon? Touchy subject?” Awesome weekend. Life experience for sure.

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